David’s works are extraordinary mediations of the human condition, charged with a dark dyionisian energy. Awareness of his own morality strips his art down to its bare essentials, seeking concentration of reality and sensation. The image is located in spiritual didactics and is made up of a visceral, sensory power that disembodies the illusory speech. Through his paintings, he nails reality into place by making it inhabit these dark spaces and letting it slowly slip into the void. All is conceived with human life in mind. 

The large scale of the paintings is matched only by the emotional intensity that keeps it very intimate and human. The surface appears to hover before the viewer in three dimensions. Broad, sweeps, feather edges reveal the artist’s ambition to create a pure and discard form of painting. The material ground coexists shyly with the air of illusion breathed by the image. Sharp forms punctuate the surface setting up a rhythmic counterpoint between the mass and the surrounding interior space. If we tend towards the imaginative, our experience waxes metaphorical and we gain a greater sense of light and space, looking through the surface as though it concealed depths and veiled radices. 

The paintings have a precise geometric order of frames, the composition, held in tension with a chromatic spectrum that spans from piercing primaries to subtle, intermediate flesh tones. Saturated color fields and stark geometries create a wrapped spatial framework that borders on abstraction. Colors push outward in all directions or contract and rush inwards. Where colors meet, clear deliberations of the artist’s aura can be observed. The abstract armature of the paintings extend the language of dark cinematic spaces. He plays with different textures of black offsetting the background that shifts and shimmers under different lighting conditions. The darkening of color is equivalent to a deepening of feeling. 

He aims to dissolve the traditional and the artificial boundaries between paint and canvas, between painter and idea and ultimately between the idea and the observer. His quivering compositions speak of the transient nature of human existence. The pigments engage in their fiercest tussle of supremacy. He manages to trap the experience of disquiet alive even after its flame has been extinguished. Space and color are the protagonists of his aesthetic drama.