The art collector and advisor Diane Allen recently curated the Art vs Cancer show and current online auction benefitting PhaseOne Foundation for cancer research by putting together one of the best selections of current artists to watch. Supporting and discovering young emerging artists she has coupled her trendsetting skills in spotting new talent while also helping raise awareness and funds for Cancer research.

Participating artists vary from street art stars such as Mr André to emerging stars like Meegan Barnes’s Versace Boot Vase, Daniel Dugan’s Brain Activity, Pricilla Franco’s Alchemy of Life, or model/actress Loan Chabanol’s piece Pacific. Some of these pieces are still available for sale online like Aska Irie’s Girl and Panda as well as Matt Smileys Fame.

“One of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago in his early twenties. The fragility of life hit me like a ton of bricks. I believe research can lead to cures, which is why I support PHASE ONE.” says Matt Smiles. We all are touched by cancer in our lives. Artist Meegan Barnes shared that her mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year:  “She just finished 18 weeks of chemotherapy. Watching her go through that made me appreciate the advances modern science has made but also made me want to do what I can to help kick cancer’s butt for good.“

While Art Vs Cancer only exists the second year it has become one of the biggest events in Los Angeles and beyond to discover emerging artists. Diane makes it her mission to visit artists in their studios and to listen to their personal stories that they each have to share on the topic of cancer. This process resulted in 140 different artists participating in the auction this year, raising over 70’000USD in funds for the Phase One Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research. Diane is already gearing up for the 3rd edition of ART VS CANCER next year.

The support for the artists goes beyond the event, sometimes it’s simply to help them pay rent – more and more artists are leaving NYC and San Francisco to live in LA – yet the life of an artists can be challenging. Even when they have exhibitions, framing costs and shipping might stop them from participating in a great opportunity. Being seen and discovered and understood is probably what most young and emerging artists crave most.


Diane Allen is for them like the godmother of art.  A true Renaissance woman. She was a jeweler and owner of the fine jewelry store, 23rd Street Jewelers in Santa Monica  that was famous from being featured on Curb your Enthusiasm and graced many Hollywood celebrities over the years. Diane supported numerous charities throughout her career, including serving on the Boards of the VIA Art Fund and the DesertX biennial. As the Executive Vice Chair of PHASE ONE’s Board of Directors, Diane has helped raise over 20 million dollars for the organization dedicated to funding first round of clinical cancer trials, and has enlisted a network of over 3,000 donors to date.  Additionally, Diane is implementing solutions for the national opioid addition crisis as it enters epidemic levels. She has founded multiple methadone clinics, which currently accept over 700 visitors daily.

André Saraiva

Artist Profile: André Saraiva is a Los Angeles based artist. Known mononymously as André, is a Swedish-French artist best known for his work in graffiti. Amongst his creations is Mr. A which he has painted across all six inhabited continents.`

Punk Me Tender

Artist Profile:Born in Paris, the mysterious artist Punk Me Tender is known for his vivid, graphic, raw forms of art. His identity is unimportant. Maintaining freedom and expression and void of forced interpretation is all that is needed.

Matt Smiley

Artist Profile: Matt Smiley is a Canadian born, Los Angeles based multi-faceted artist and filmmaker (“Highway of Tears”). He has exhibited with many of the art world’s top names: Ed Ruscha, James Turrell, Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey (obey), Sam Durant, Nicholas Pilato, Michael Muller, James Franco, Mel Bochner, Sage Vaughn, Marilyn Manson, Gary Baseman & many others.

Meegan Barnes

Artist Profile: Meegan is a Los Angeles based, multidisciplinary artist with a unique and empowering approach to the female form. Her work is cheeky and irreverent, it’s feminine and feminist, it;s got grit and glamour.

Daniel Dugan

Artist Profile: Daniel Dugan’s art is his meditative expression of “one continuous line” that never breaks or crosses. Each work has a beginning and an ending, tracking his stream of consciousness movement, a process he’s developed for over 30 years. His signature style represents the flow of life and the unexpected events and emotions that unfold along the way. It’s about surrendering to what life is offering.

I’m happy to be part of such a noble effort to help others and minimize suffering.


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    Katharina Baron

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