See the world through the playful lens of  Carmen Julia Garcia.

The offbeat Jetset  life inspire her frilly mixed media art on gelatine silver print that like a cabinet of curiosities unfolds her personal microcosm to the world.


DÆDALUS: What excited you about art for the first time?

Carmen Julia Garcia: I’ve always been excited about art. It made me wonder and ask myself what the artist had in his mind and why when they came up with their ideas.

D: Can you give us a brief history of your work and its development?

CJ: I didn’t think I was creating anything until my friends pointed it out and told me that what I was doing was really special, something new, something that people should see. So I decided why not, let’s give it a try! Creating my art pieces is something I really love to do, and won’t stop.

D: How does the viewer fit into your art?

CJ: I don’t really think about my viewers when I’m making them. It’s something I started doing because i liked it. But to see the reaction on people’s faces when they see my art makes me feel like I’m really inspiring someone. It really makes me feel special, which is a feeling we all need isn’t it?

D: How do you create your pieces?

CJ: I create them on the go. I travel quite a lot so I have kept all my pieces small. I’ll choose a picture that excites me in the moment depending on my mood and let it go from there. I don’t think too much when I’m creating my pieces, they are a way for me to escape, and clear my mind. It’s very meditative for me.


D: How do you decide what materials to incorporate?

CJ: Honestly, for me it’s not a decision it’s more of a visual effect. I love to play around with different elements, textiles and new effects to see how I can use them and then I build from there.

D: Who has influenced you artistically?

CJ: I get influenced by seeing other artists work, whether it’s from a documentary or movie, or even another art piece. But everyone I meet gives me a little inspiration or new ideas. It’s all of the little things in life that surround us and affect us everyday. More than anything though, my friends inspire me the most. I learn so much, and they influence me in different ways everyday.

D:What’s important to remember as a young creative living in today’s world?

CJ:I think it’s important to continue reminding yourself to keep dreaming, never stop dreaming. It’s the foundation of all new ideas. Also to NEVER give up. No matter what. Push yourself to your limits and break your own personal boundaries, and do what makes you happy no matter what anyone else thinks.

D:What are your hopes for the future?

CJ: I try not to think to much into the future. I believe you should live day by day and truly enjoy your life. Our world is changing constantly, so I really think it’s important to sit back and enjoy the moment and time you are in.




D: You often are the subject of your art, what do you represent for your artistic creation?

CJ: I don’t see my pieces as me. I think when I shoot or I’m in a photo, it’s more of a character I’m playing that I created with a team, acting out their thoughts and making their visions come true.

D:What is art’s role?

CJ: I believe arts role in our lives is to express ourselves and dream. Art is important for everyone. You can find it everywhere, from a bottle of water, to a painting, to a car. Art is all around us. No matter how small a piece is, a creative mind has been behind it, and it has a story. Art for me is something beautiful. It can tell stories, and create a lot more.



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