In the spirit of Women’s Month, the internet is flowing with tweets and Instagram posts about contemporary problems women experienced in this world designed for men. There are so many tiny phenomenons that socially felt wrong and uncomfortable for women, “mansplaining” is one of them. Today, we are able to articulate and put a name on these phenomenons that women constantly facing everywhere, home, school, and most particularly, office.

“Mansplaining” is a term used when men feel the need to overly explain a certain thing to women simply because they think women are lacking intellectual capabilities to understand the subject. Mansplaining often occurs even when women never ask to be explained in the first place. In a working environment, this phenomenon happens frequently, making women professionals appears less expert in the field they are working. These microaggressions made women feel uncomfortable, intimidated, and even worst, underconfident. Microaggression against women workers leads to bigger issues on women’s performance and wellbeing in the office.


Wendy Cope, England’s well-known contemporary poetry legend wrote a poem that perfectly demonstrates the act of mansplaining even when the term hasn’t exist. Cope’s parodies and perfect rhyme, light, yet brilliant, style of writing are captured exquisitely in this poem “Differences of Opinion”.

Wendy Cope’s poems touch on serious social problems in a playful and fun way.







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    Isabella Aprilia

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