First of The Roll started out of my own love for picture taking a few years ago. The first frame of my rolls would often come back burnt, telling only half a story; those quickly became my favourite. Instead of discarding them as a waste of film or a mistake, I found myself looking forward to them and celebrating their imperfection.

Part of the fun of shooting film is the unpredictability of the results you get.
So much importance is put upon “perfection” and enhancing reality nowadays, through the use of filters and now even deep-fakes… This is not only putting a lot of pressure on Millennials and Gen Z, but it’s also created this counter movement of people wanting to get back to basics and having something tangible to hold onto in a bid for authenticity and durability.

A lot of people write in saying they love the concept and that since discovering the account, they’ve been thinking about what they’ll shoot for their first frames, which makes me happy. I’ve also seen a lot of fashion editorials being shot in First of The Roll. Vogue Italia’s cover for this month is actually one of them.

Pretty ironically though, there has also been an increase in First of The Roll filters popping up on Instagram! It’s funny but also completely defeats the purpose…






































































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    Marion Herbain

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