American Head, new album by Flaming Lips is grounded in memories and experiences from Wayne Coyne’s and Steven Drozd’s youth in Oklahoma City. The songs talks about love, death, family, drugs. The music is celestial and hypnotic. It invites to a more sensitive approach to life, an urge to spread optimism and kindness to help one another. Music is a medicine, it gets in, allows to say things that can’t get through normally. It is a journey within, leaving it all behind and leaving us all disarmed. The hurtful sincerity of this album will resonate with listeners of all kinds in one way or the other, bringing us all back home. The tunes are dreamy, chaotic, blurry, icy and  fastidiously visionary. The key is getting lost.

The album depicts a passive portrait of the American life of the suburbs of euphoria induced by drugs that cause existential obscurations. Chronicles that destroy reality, experiences and that cause irreparable alteration are described through orchestral arrangements, luxuriant piano traits and soft guitar. “American Head” si a mind-blowing adventure.


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