Directed by Isabella Aprilia

Fanny Garnichat, is a Paris-based artist who creates paper collages using the materials from visuals that surround her life such as magazines, advertising, and flyers. The artist inebriates the gaze in an organic visual wave that questions the limits between repulsive and fascinating.

She explores the vibration between images, the contradictions in textures. Fanny brings to life poetic and unusual polymorph creatures, like living planets suspended in empty space.

Her creations translate into an immaculate saturated merge of colors. Her art is available to purchase in the form of simple- framed and Plexiglas-framed artwork as well as stickers at

In this editorial collaboration, Fanny Garnichat integrated her stickers to portrait photography shot by a Kmar Douagi.

Check out more about Fanny Garnichat on and Instagram: @fanniglue

  • Photography

    Kmar Douagi


    Chloè Polkinghorne

    Make-Up Artist

    Ellen Smith


    Isabella Aprilia

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