Oh no he didn’t…oh yes he did.

Pinpointing Gvasalia as an attention-seeker master is not enough to describe his capacity to connect emotionally with a globally saturated audience.

Appealing to better times in which everything seemed possible, last Sunday the french house broke new ground during Paris Fashion Week. With guests at Chalet de Paris expecting a catwalk show, these were instead surprised with a short fashion film featuring a 10 minute special episode from ‘The Simpsons’ in which the people of Springfield travelled to Paris to walk the Balenciaga runway. A mockery to the Fashion Industry’s most popular cliches which hoarded all platforms and conversations with more than half a million views as of today.


If this wasn’t enough of a show, the screening was anticipated by a red carpet moment arrival including guests such as pop-culture performer Cardi B, model Naomi Campbell, fashion guru Anna Wintour, and is that Kanye West ?!; along with the design team members and models showcasing the brand pieces. The best part? People already seated inside could see the red carpet show in livestream whilst waiting for all to come and join in. “The premiere event becomes the show itself,” manifests Balenciaga saying that “the audience becomes the protagonists and vice-versa.”

Highlighting a new fashion frolic era, instead of ordinary new season garments, the brand showcased classic Balenciaga dagger-sharp shoulders and XXL Puffer jackets. But undoubtedly, it was Marge in a magnificent golden dress with a gigantic bow at the back who completely stole the show. A genuine performance of Gvasalia’s talent to couple both tailor and comfort, by drawing on his image and expertise in the semiotics of fashion.


So yes, he did. And the only thing left to say about this is bravo.

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    Jimena Del Rocio

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