Lady gaga is without a doubt one of our generation’s gay icon. Her advocacy towards the LGBTQ+ community is tremendous. Her work is celebrated by the members of the community which she dedicated her whole success for. At the 2009 National Equality March in Washington, gaga spoke about her support towards the community, appeared at the europride in Rome, she addressed the anti-gay bullying in American school with the former US president, Obama, and the list of her contribution in supporting LGBTQ+ rights goes on. Gaga created the Born This Way foundation, a charity organisation that supports the mental health of young people, especially the LGBTQ+ community.

Gaga is also known for her close relationship with the House of Versace. Indeed, the pop star dedicated a song for Donatella Versace on her 2013 iconic record, Artpop.

In celebration of this year’s pride, Gaga and Versace create her heart- warming collaboration that benefits the Born This Way Foundation. Gaga posted the collaboration on her instagram post along with her statement, “Versace has always been a leader. Since Gianni, Donatella, Allegra, and still now, they have celebrated the beautiful colors of love we have within us,”.


The capsule collection consists of a t-shirt and beret with rainbow shades and Versace’s Medusa logo. The items are now available on Versace’s website.

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    Isabella Aprilia

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