My style of work stems from my eyesight. As with a lazy eye, I can’t see in 3-D. This means the structure of things are of huge importance to me so as to identify it’s 3-Dimensional shape. I lot of my original work featured a lot of contour drawings where it’s as if the lines are feeling around the shape of the object. And even still in my work, you can see how I look at the underlying structure, simplifying the form into basic geometric shapes or patterns. This has meant though I now love creating surreal work that messes with people’s perceptions. I love creating stuff that is more of a visual experience and play tricks on the eye. I’m fascinated by the form as a subject matter, the way all forms link, whether it found in nature or in humans were all made up of the same shapes.

I graduated with a fine art degree from Leeds College of Art in 2016 and decided I really wanted to pursue a career in art. I had also been with my modelling agency whilst at university but had never given it a proper chance.I thought this was a good opportunity now I was moving to London to give it a go, the plan is to do the art in my spare time. I got a shared studio in Waterloo and its worked very well, using my studio as a base and going to my model castings from there. Another benefit is the income from modelling gives me the freedom to create the art I want without the pressure of having to make money out of it and not having to take on commissions that don’t inspire me.

The modelling inspires my work also, meeting creatives, the fashion and working and talking to photographers. Fashion is very similar to art anyway, placing different colours and items together to create one whole look.



My work varies from all sorts of mediums, from collage, digital, drawing, painting, photography and whatever inspires me at the time. I love the freedom of working in whatever creativity comes to mind. Recently I’ve found working digitally fascinating as you have the freedom to undo your work and start again or create a duplicate in a slightly different style which means you get the strongest results. I also love the process involved in digital work resulting in an outcome completely unique from the starting point. As you can just place images in different areas, layering with different opacity and effects and there’s always that element of surprise at what you manage to create

I feel like that’s the beauty of art nowadays, it’s valued in so many different forms and can be applied to so many different areas, such as illustration, graphic design, fashion, textiles. People no longer view it just as something framed on the wall in a house.

There’s no limitation for where a drawing or design can be applied which I love as creativity comes in so many different forms. A number of times I create an art piece that then once duplicated multiple times or altered slightly looks amazing as a pattern for potentially fashion or textiles.


photo by @williamwaterworth

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