Manu atelier is a Turkish accessories label known for its strong and sharp designs debuted their new collection pre-fall 2021 that showcases the signature duck boots produced with glossy vegan leather.



These new shoes were designed to reflect a strong woman and to address the women’s place in society and a stance against the patriarchy especially with all the political issues that has been occurring in turkey concerning women’s rights

Therefore, they developed a campaign to promote this concept with the renown photographer Harley Weir featuring model Vivien Solari in a series of snake-like, curved poses to highlight that women should be free to express themselves whatever way they want.

“The patriarchal structure affects women’s body language. We’ve always been told as women from an early age not to sit, talk, dress, walk like a man. But as people who believe a woman could be anything and do anything she wants, we wanted to use women’s body language as a revolt to the patriarchal structure,” said Merve.”

This campaign has really brought a lot of attention to the brand and the full collection will be available for purchase in istanbul.

The Turkish accessories brand Manu atelier launches their new collection with the new campaign shot by the renown photographer Harley Weir creating a statement about women freedom from the patriarchy.

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