Masks are used as devices for protection, self-preservation, deceit, mobility, connection/disconnection. What does it say about the spaces we subject ourselves to? What about these spaces attracts us? What does that say about us and our capacity to function, or are we a function of something larger and collective?

These works were made in response to current and consistent trends among the people traffic and social settings I’ve been encountered in recent times; as an extension of this then navigating personal spaces in reaction to contemporary issues. The works represent results from establishing levels of unconditional honesty within these contexts, which cause “masks” to either be constructed stronger or deconstructed completely, and exploring the transformations and activities behind and in front the mask.

Many other silhoets were seen entering false houses.

2018, graphite on paper

11″ x 14″




2017-2019, mixed media on canvas

4′ x 4′


Anthony is currently based in San Francisco, California working primarily in painting. His work reacts to popular culture/trends and documents his personal narrative. These areas are either used in a distracting nature towards one another, or in seeking balance between the two. Subject matter dictates the materials used and style for a body of work with immediacy being the only consistent component in his artistic approach and practice.


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