The sustainability movement in fashion creates a whole new trend of reworked fashion. What is reworked fashion? Reworked fashion, also known as upcycling, is a method of turning old or used garments into new clothing items by reconstructing or adding new designs. Not only this is beneficial for the consumers to have more ethical fashion choices, but it is also beneficial for brands to help them with the exessive inventory problem. Over the course of the pandemic, brands were left with an excessive amount of unsold goods. Luxury brands are quickly jumping to the reworked fashion trend to help them tackle the complex waste issue.

Levis collaborate with Miu Miu for upcyling reworked project. The project is centered around reinventing Levis’ old pieces such as the 501 jeans and the Trucker jacket with Miu Miu feminine approach. Beads, crystal, and emroidery compliment the classic denim of Levis. The collection will be release on May 24 on Miu Miu webstore.

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    Isabella Aprilia

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