The Spring Summer 2021 collection screenings, which were expected to be completed along with fashion weeks in recent months, are undergoing changes and delays due to the pandemic. As our eyes looked for Saint Laurent at Paris Fashion Week, the French brand decided to present its new collection at a later date. Saint Laurent recently announced that it will present its womenswear Spring/ Summer 2021 collection on December the 15th with a video all over its online and social media accounts.


Saint Laurent, who did not elaborate on the new collection, only shared a 15-second teaser video in which coloured lights hover over the cacti.


Since Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello had taken over at Saint Laurent, it has become a Parisian tradition to organise a fashion show under the Eiffel Tower for the iconic fashion house. Of course, this tradition hasn’t changed in the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Now what we are all wondering is, if Anthony Vaccarello will be continuing his tradition with having a video directed under the Eiffel Tower as in past years, or surprise us all with a completely different comeback after the effect of the pandemic on fashion scene?

 With turning to digital presentations rather than physical fashion show screenings, Saint Laurent released a moving video in September of models jumping from terraces for its Spring/ Summer 2021 Menswear Collection. This was Saint Laurent’s first presentation since French brand decided to skip 2020 Paris Fashion Week, and present their collections following their own calendar. (Spring/ Summer 2021 Menswear Collection)


In the video the locations switch from the Sacre Coeur to the skyscrapers shadowing Beijing to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York before ending on the sparkling Eiffel Tower, because everything Saint Laurent does always comes back to Paris.

“Breathing, reaching the horizon, looking at the future, no matter how long the night is. Over the skies and the architectures of Paris, New York, and Beijing, a constant attraction redefies gravity.” – From Saint Laurent

Vaccarello has been taking his time during the lockdown to reflect and find a way to express it in 

his clothes. “There’s something about comfort; I’d never really thought of it before,” he says, with a wry laugh. “Maybe it’s the fact that we stayed at home for months, and now when you see people in the streets, mixing a jacket with jogging pants, something of that casual easiness does go back to the collection. It’s about comfort in your own skin. But you have to elevate it. You have to take it forward.”

The Spring/ Summer 2021 fashion show video, featuring California-inspired touches by Anthony Vaccarello, was announced with a teaser video featuring palm trees and pastel colours.
Perhaps video clip taken in Los Angeles… Who knows what Anthony Vaccarello has to show us? Now what we can all do is to wait until December the 15th, 2pm and see.

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