Hands up who had a Bratz doll. Personally, I would have to raise my hands, arms and legs. And Polly Pockets? Who watched Lizzy McGuire and Hannah Montana? Listened – and sang -every single from the Destiny’s Child album? And last but not least, who had a fully glitter and swarovski phone case?

Probably one of the greatest things in Fashion is how everything is so cyclical. How things come, go, and come back again. And it looks like our very bests from the Y2k are here stronger than ever.

I must admit that a couple of years ago, when looking back at my childhood pictures, I was quite embarrassed about my OOTD and very much blamed my mum for letting me go out like that. What was she thinking?!

Now, I’m amazed. I love it. And brands do too. This past fashion month has given us many trends to save on our camera roll, but the come-back of those better days is definitely in our favorites.

Butterfly-shaped crop tops, belt-like-mini-skirts, low-rise jeans, wide-leg pants, neons and pastels, sporty-cargo tracksuits… even the belly chains. All of them ran the catwalks under the name of the most popular brands. Thanks to the new Gen-Z driven social media platforms like TikTok and the revival of nostalgia, it was about time to see how the big ‘maisons’ jumped in. Even Fendi and Versace joined forces delivering one of the most talked about collections in the Fashion arena embracing the trend: FENDACE.

Sheer Drama
Acne Studios, Ottolinger

Koché, Blumarine, Tom Ford, Courrèges


V Fab Blumarine

Cropped Crop Missoni, MSGM, Blumarine


Fan Collina Strada, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendace


Twin Set Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Victor Glemaud, MSGM


Mini Mini Miu Miu, Fendace, Miu Miu, Fendace


Disco Ball Christian Cowan, Versace, Fendace


Low Raise Versace, Fendace


It looks like the 00s are here to stay. So let’s all pull out our inner Paris Hilton and run the streets ‘bootyliciously’.

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    Jimena Del Rocio



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