I’m Isola Marras Resort 2018



In collaboration with the premium contemporary department store Coin Excelsior, Altaroma presents the creative work of Effisio Rocco Marras, expression of a new, strong identity.

During Alta Roma, in the Guido Reni District, I am Isola Marras’s summer collection combines performance and defilè, androgynous figures characterized by clean lines and clear cuts creations with an avant-guarde nature that romanticizes the punk rebellious mood. Ornaments and details, the superimposition of textures and the artisanship remain recognizable of the Marras family albeit this generational shift.


With a fresh and playful vision, Elfisio  Marras created a 2018 spring summer collection that plays with color combinations, ornaments and details and the superimposition of texture. Many were the street-style reference details: culottes, socks, pouches and baseball caps, overcoats and jerseys reinventing the Isola Marras logo. Yet, despite the generational takeover, the quality craftsmanship still remains the strength of the brand. The new woman of I am Isola Marras is young and energetic, flirty and confident, always ready to live life to the fullest. The new collection represents for young people an unlimited space where creativity and new ideas meet. Inspired by the character of Mathilda Lando in Luc Besson’s movie Lèon and Masamune Shirow’s manga artworks and the Harajuku’s girly look the designer creates a pretty perverse vision in this collection. The eclectic mix of street style and clean lines merge into a strong rebellious uncompromising attitude. The collection pushes the brand towards new creative horizons, restoring and renewing that trademark aesthetic. It plays with fabrics giving them a contemporary attitude, creating a contrasting street style infused with a distinctive grunge mood.







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