There’s this first scene in the film Love Actually that always gets me: the airport. Families and friends, waiting for their loved ones to cross the sliding doors holding “Welcome Home” signs; full of joy and happiness ready to spend the best time with each other. But it’s in these moments when you realize how painful a goodbye is. The same pain I felt when on my phone’s notification center appeared “Breaking News: Daniel Lee to leave Bottega Veneta”.

Appointed creative director in July 2018, the Yorkshire native Mr. Lee has reinvented Bottega Veneta with huge success. Even during the pandemic he managed to keep growing… (say what?!) With a singular vision, he achieved to place the brand at the center of the fashion scene. He clearly introduced a new chapter, not only with its brutal stylish designs, but with the birth of the very well known “Bottega Green”. Let’s admit it: we all want the Tire boots, the Stretch sandals, the Padded Cassette, and the Mini Jodie. In every single colour. A “New Bottega” which even blacked out – literally – from their social media profiles.

As an image speaks louder than words, here is a #tb to his runway collections. A curated selection which displays his transition at the maison. An homage to his transition.

Fall 2019 RTW


Spring 2020 RTW



Fall 2020 RTW

Spring 2021 RTW


Fall 2021 RTW


Spring 2022 RTW

Despite being a “joint decision” as described by the Kering Group, the reason for his departure is a mystery, and it is still unknown which Lee’s next steps will be. But what it’s for sure is that we will be following. So rather than “goodbye”, let’s leave it as a “see you later”.

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    Jimena del Rocio


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