Haris Epaminonda was born in Cyprus in 1980. Her production is determined by techniques of collage, combinind images, film, photographs, sculptures and found objects to create complex installations. She does this without reference to the provenance of this material, leaving the specators alone with themselves and with the creation of their own associations. These filmic and compositions share a similar sensibility and consistance. Delicate with emotinal language that opens a space in which one can be lost in relations and gestures. Her installations include audio-visual collage that the artist creates with material and objects from different sources and different times. She is fascinated by ethnographic photographs in books and journals published between 1950 and 1960. She composes images that she accompanies to ancient sculptures, porcellain vases, works in African wood, chinese porcellain and other elements creating a net of new, complex relationships and elusice connections. The strange atmosphere of presentation of her installations comes from the sovrapposition of different levels of time, material and techniques. Their past, between the private and the anonymous, reality and fiction. She creates an immaginary of words removing subjectivity from their original context and organizing them to create something new.


















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