Last week the fashion world was shocked by the social media disappearance of Bottega Veneta. The Italian luxury house is no longer active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook since the 5th of January 2020. As the world has now shifted to digital and online more than ever, this move sparked a lot of confusion as to why they decided to sign-off from their online platforms. Under the direction of Daniel Lee, the brand has taken over the online scene for the last couple of years. From their pouch bag to their woven heeled mules that made continual appearances on celebrities’ and bloggers’ social media pages. In this unprecedented time when social media is one of the most, if not the most, effective marketing communication tools, the brand decided to leave the online scene, limiting their access to deliver their message and engaging with their audience.

However, some argued that this social media take-off move is a rather original and smart tactic. Bottega Veneta is the first-ever luxury fashion house that created a statement to abandoned their social media. If we go back to the true notion of luxury, the concept is highly associated with exclusivity. Going off-grid from social media, meaning that the brand will make less direct communication, creating a more subtle and exclusive approach to their marketing strategy. The brand’s goal might be to go in a more classy and secretive direction.

Bottega Veneta’s action may provoke a shift in luxury brand marketing strategy. Social media disassociation can stimulate curiosity from the public that can result in higher demand due to its exclusivity. Being offline perhaps will be the next “it” thing for luxury fashion houses to adopt. Bottega Veneta might be the pioneer of the “lowkey” communication approach for luxury fashion.


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    Isabella Aprilia

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