For the first time since 1793 a woman has become the director of the louvre by the name of Laurence des Cars who was appointed by Emmanuel macron and the ministry of culture. She is now taking over the responsibility of the largest museum in the world General heritage curator, specialist in 19th century and early 20th century art, with the goal of making young people more interested in museums On the difficulty of bringing young people to or from the museum, Laurence des Cars takes part: “It is up to us to break the distance, the barrier, to imagine programs, exhibitions, also to invite voices : those of the scientists, the great scholars who make up the Louvre teams. We need to share our knowledge, our expertise, with others, and that we also give voice to other sensibilities: historians, creators … The Louvre is the home of all arts and artists. ”

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    Ghida Housseini

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