To the artist, the thought process we employ to make works of art is a constant mystery. When you are getting up in the middle of your slumber to take a pee, and you are slightly awake, awake enough to make it to the toilet, all you’ve had to do is make it there and your body takes care of the rest, if you are lucky. That is like painting in a way. I have a vision of where I want to go but often times I get there and my mind takes care of it differently. Almost like a freestyle. When making art I don’t put emphasis on creativity. I interpret its physicalness, its emotional value. I become a translator of reality which can then be digested by you. Art can become clouded if overloaded with information ;there should be a balance of creativity, reality, the artist, and imagination. Art should speak for itself, it’s in human nature to want to understand something thoroughly, to gain understanding makes us feel safe. But nothing is really safe, anything could kill you. The same way you may think something is is to have a careless outlook the world as being forgiving, the one instance nature is unforgiving it is seen as a tragedy, but it could be the one instance that nature has retaliated. We must remember that the world is alive just as we are. The artwork represent aesthetic beliefs, values of human nature and beauty. Art is an adventure into the unknown from the known, and this world of imagination is born by a reality constructed by vision. Like a sponge when you squeeze out whatever has been soaked up, it’s the stuff that needs to come out, the potent, soapy bits containing whatever mess it swept up with it. My art is what I squeeze out of life.











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    Marcus Leslie Singleton

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