Fathia Izzati, also known as kittendust, is an Indonesian internet personality and musician. She started her career by making youtube videos about her multicultural experience as a diplomat daughter. Her youtube contents are very diverse from lifestyle, music, poetry, and comedic sketch. As a talented young woman, Fathia uses social media to exhibit her artistic works. After years of posting her music on YouTube, Fathia finally made her band, “Reality Club”. Her ability to write is not only reflected in her songwriting skill. In her early career, Fathia uploaded her poetry works to her blog and YouTube channel. With her creativity, Fathia is able to deliver her poems in an artistic, engaging, and innovative way. She often performs her spoken word poetry with conceptual videos.

In this poem that she dedicated to her sister, “your first heartbreak”, Fathia created a cinematic and emotional video along with her performance. She even involved her sister, to whom this poem is dedicated, in the video


your first heartbreak
to my darling little sister,
your first heartbreak will be a thunderstorm daggers will fall right through your bones and the place where your heart used to be will ache every night and in the morning at 3

my darling little sister
you will curl up in sheets of blankets
and your thoughts will start to consume you
you’ll start imagining things that should’ve happened
but constantly rethinking because it never could happen your eyes will be sore
and there will no longer be a curve on your face
because the smile you once wore has now been replaced replaced with loathe and confusion

he said “it’s not you, it’s me”
but you think, no, no that can’t be
there’s definitely something wrong with me there has to be something wrong with me so you bathe in this pool of self pity thinking what did i do wrong?
why amongst this haze of love
did he decide to end this song?

my darling little sister
this is not a romanticisation because this is real as real as the day he turns away
as real as the desire that suffocates your lung
as real as the despair that lingers on your tongue

to my darling little sister,
your first heartbreak will be a thunderstorm
but my words are honest when i say that time is necessary, that the wounds will heal and the pain is temporary
and although it might leave you with a a scar
you’ll go by many more heartbreaks

just like your big sister, you’ll learn to dance even in the storm

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