So it looks like flying cars are taking a bit more than expected. Shall we blame Corona?

Still, it wouldn’t be fair to say that our life isn’t “techy” enough. We have cell phones which can track every single part of our body, Alexa to solve our doubts and play our favorite hits, 3D printing… but who would expect to have digital fashion?

More than a trend, digital fashion is becoming the go-to for many new designers and big fashion houses. Limitless creativity, uniqueness, and nothing but sustainable. We saw it first at virtual beauty try-ons, with features such as different hair and make-up looks available to choose from. So why not clothes?

ZERO10 is an AR try-on fashion platform. Integrating creative artists, designers, and musicians, users are able to delve into upcoming fashion digital collections from both well-known and emerging brands presented in limited drops solely inside the app. With the latest AR technologies, the cloth-simulation depicts the natural flow of fabrics shaping a genuine life-like impression. But the best is yet to come.

One can try on these digital clothes in real-time using the phone camera, record videos and take pictures, save your favorite looks in the built-in wardrobe, and share all on social media. Can you imagine the content that can be created?! And if this wasn’t enough, despite drops being limited in time, all garments saved and purchased will stay in your wardrobe forever. Yes…a never ending wardrobe…the dream.


Corona gave us a global pandemic and lockdown, but for sure time to think and come up with such unimaginable things.

(Available for iPhones after XS).

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    Jimena Del Rocio

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